♡About the Founder♡

All of our product lines are designed by one artist/owner/founder! 

I’d like to introduce myself and tell you a little about what Tsundere Aesthetic means to me:

Hello! I’m the creator of Tsundere Aesthetic!

I'm a huge anime and manga fan and I’ve been a gamer forever, I play on PC, XBOX, PS4, Nintendo Switch and other handheld devices! Both hobbies have inspired a lot of my designs.

Art has been my biggest passion for longer than I can remember and getting into designing has been such a fun way to be creative!

My personal fashion/style is a lot of black/dark clothing, pleated skirts or little dresses and always thigh highs! I could never find thigh highs that fit properly or lasted but I always wanted to wear them, that’s why I designed some!! 

When I first started designing products and created Tsundere Aesthetic, I wanted to create products that were all unique and would be both practical and expressive! 

My main goal is to create high quality products that are either completely unique/new or to redesign and fix issues with other products of their kind!

It has been a long journey to create these products but it has been such a passion project and I’m so excited to offer them to the world!

When creating Tsundere Aesthetic, I had cosplayers, anime lovers, gamers and alternative fashion wearers in mind, but our designs are meant for everyone and for anywhere! I’m beyond ecstatic to offer all of my creations to you and I can’t wait to see you in them!

I look forward to continuing my design journey and have lots of plans for future product lines!

I always want to know what types of products you’d like to see, please email me with any recommendations! 

-M xx

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Founder: @Misshii_Chan

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