Thigh Belt Styling Guide

How to wear securely:

1. ALWAYS have the bands on either side of the center metal loop (NOT the metal adjuster loop). 

2. If you do not position the belt bands properly on either side of the metal loop, the bands will slide around and will not stay tight. 

3. Any overlapping band portions after adjustment are designed to hold themselves together with the silicone strips, and any single band portion after adjustment will have silicone facing and placed against your legs/socks to help with support. The amount of silicone against the legs/socks is dependent on the adjustment level. 

Please see example photos below.

CORRECT: Bands positioned with metal loop on either side and an example of the silicone design and proper use. 

INCORRECT: Bands are incorrectly positioned and will result in stability failure.

How to wear thigh belts with our thigh high socks:

Please see examples photos below.

Option 1: 

-Place thigh high sock at the desired height, fold if necessary.

-Place the thigh belt on top of the sock near the top sock band.

-Adjust the belt to desired tightness.

This option shows off the thigh belt and can add to an outfits overall look! 

Option 2:

-Place the thigh belt directly on your leg.

-Adjust the belt to desired tightness.

-Place the thigh high sock over the belt.

-Tuck a portion of the top of the sock into the belt to secure the sock in place. 

-Fold the sock in as much as desired. 

This option hides the thigh belt.

Option 3:

Similar to Option 2. 

-Place the thigh high socks at the desired height, keep in mind you will be folding the socks down, over the belt. 

-Place the thigh belt on top of the sock just below the top band or where you’d like to fold the sock. Adjust the belt to desired tightness. 

-Fold the top part of the sock over the belt to secure the sock in place.

This option hides the thigh belt.

Option 4: 

-Wear the thigh belt(s) above the thigh high socks or without socks as an accessory on one or both thighs! 

There are so many ways to style our thigh belts! They don’t even have to be used on the thigh, they are so adjustable that they can be used on most areas of the body including the torso, arms, neck and lower legs!

Headset Attachment Styling Guide

Attach the headset attachments to a headset or headband with the provided velcro straps.

You can also add your own straps of any material that fit through the slots, or get strong, double sided, adhesive velcro or magnets. This method can make it very easy to take the attachments on and off. You can then also stick them to lots of other surfaces! 

How to attach:

-Place the straps through the bottom slots in the headset attachments.

-If your headset has fabric material, avoid placing the sticky side of the velcro strap onto the fabric or it will pull at the material.

-Position as desired and tighten very securely, then simply stick the excess strap onto itself or cut off any undesired length. 

-Use 1-2 straps per attachment depending on the size of the attachment and level of security/support needed.