Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes! Once your order is placed you will receive an email confirmation and once your order is shipped out you will receive a shipped order confirmation email. Please make sure your email is put in correctly.

Can I still order if my address is not available in the ship to options?

Yes! Please contact us and we can make a custom order for you. There may be additional shipping costs, time and/or requirements. 

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes! Please contact us directly with your social media links and we can offer a custom affiliate deal, this could include a free product or a discount. No cash value will be offered.

Can I post your content?

Yes of course! Please remember to give credit to the creator! 

If you are posting any of our original products please tag/credit us through any of the below: 

Our website, InstagramTik TokTwitter and/or Facebook.

We do not allow any of our website art/designs to be used and the art/designs can not be duplicated in any way. They are the sole property of Tsundere Aesthetic.

Are your designs original?

Tsundere Aesthetic is the original creator of all the designs that we sell, they are all protected through copyright, design rights agreements and industrial design patents, similar or identical products sold elsewhere are forged copies. 

Our original products/designs can NOT be found online ANYWHERE but through our WEBSITE, they can occasionally be found through partner stores(in-store only, never online) or event booths solely under our brand name. Please report any false products to immediately!

Do you offer wholesale/partnerships?

We occasionally offer wholesale of certain products, stock quantity dependent.
Note; our wholesale products can ONLY be sold in verified, PHYSICAL locations, the online sales of our products are strictly prohibited.
Tampering with our original packaging is strictly prohibited.
Pricing must be set to our list price, changes in price are strictly prohibited.

Our Current Verified Partner Stores:

What are your social media accounts and contact locations?

Our website: 
Social media: Facebook @TsundereAestheticShop, Tik Tok @TsundereAestheticShop, Instagram @Tsundere.Aesthetic, Twitter @TsundereShop 

Any other accounts/contacts are fraudulent/scams. If you receive anything from an account other than the ones above please report immediately and do not give them any personal information.